2011 Grantees

Erie’s Edge Farm was awarded $2500 to help expand their business by creating and selling prepared food from locally grown produce and educating the community about the benefits of adopting a local, seasonal diet and lifestyle. In order to make farming a viable occupation, it is critical to expand both products and distribution. This includes developing a line of commercially-prepared foods and selling them at the Tremont Farmers Market and through a community-supported agriculture program.

GardenWalk Cleveland was awarded $3250 to develop a website for launching a new free, volunteer-organized tour of gardens, farms and orchards in the Lee Miles, Hough, University Circle, Tremont, Edgewater and Detroit-Shoreway neighborhoods of Cleveland on June 25, 2011. The event is designed to highlight urban agricultural projects throughout Greater Cleveland.

Joy Machines Bike Shop, a community-focused startup bicycle retail and repair shop, was awarded $1000 to purchase key equipment for the shop opening in the summer of 2011 in Ohio City’s Market Square District. Joy Machines Bike Shop will provide innovative transportation solutions for Clevelanders who are interested in making bikes a more integral part of their lives.

Midwifery Project was awarded $1050 to help raise consumer awareness on the near west side of Cleveland about nurse midwifery care as an important option for expecting moms. Led by a part-time nurse midwife with organizing experience, plans include distributing brochures and presenting at least one public event.

Nicole McGee’s Plenty Underfoot was awarded $1500 to help move her home-grown business out of her living room and into a nearby studio space. After a number of years of making jewelry, art, and other projects from reused materials at home, moving into a new space is an important next step that will improve efficiency and organization, and allow for more social interaction and participation in creative reuse, including building a new revenue stream through workshops and small events.

Prince of Peace Computer Literacy was awarded $1200 to provide computer literacy and technical instruction at Prince of Peace ODM, providing a safe environment for clients to advance their employment and personal development.

Wigglewords, a program of Verb Ballets, was awarded $2000 to present free weekly movement based literacy workshops this summer at various Cleveland community centers. The program gets children, ages 3-8 years old, moving while improving skills in spelling, phonics, and rhyming.