A Piece of Cleveland, a local start up business that “upcycles” salvaged lumber into home and office furnishings, was awarded $5,000 as a capital investment to help purchase equipment that would make their manufacturing process more efficient and enhance their profitability.

Bringing Solar Power to Cleveland: Appropriately Applied Technologies was awarded $3,300 to install a solar-photovoltaic awning in order to raise awareness about solar power and to act as a demonstration of how renewable energy can be incorporated into neighborhood redevelopment.

ArtHouse, a community arts center in the Brooklyn Centre neighborhood, was awarded $2,000 for the Fresh Stop – Studio Stop program. A first time collaboration between ArtHouse and CityFresh, these groups will host a “Fresh Stop” farmers market two days per month in the ArtHouse parking lot at 3119 Denison Rd. The market will offer locally grown produce at affordable prices. During the farmers market, ArtHouse will offer a free, open-door studio at its facility, allowing the public to take advantage of arts programming and classes.

Basics, a grassroots effort to distribute clean undergarments to formerly incarcerated women who are in the process of re-entry, was awarded $1,000. Funds will be used to help purchase the needed undergarments as well as for storage containers and distribution of the items

Big Deal: The Giant Supply Depot, a new concept for an innovative tutoring and literacy center on Euclid Avenue, was awarded $300 to cover the costs of the applicant to attend a national conference in order to learn how to establish this unique educational venue. The concept is based on successful literary centers established in cities across the U.S. by writer Dave Eggers.

A trained doula, or birth-worker, Christin Farmer has launched ‘Birthing Beautiful Communities’ to help address the crisis of infant mortality in African American communities.  An African American woman is seven times more likely to have a preterm baby (preterm babies account for over 60% of infant deaths). Much of this is tied to stress, and from the lack of support and poverty. The March of Dimes has graded Cleveland an “F” for preterm births.

Camp Sunrise, a camp in Southern Ohio that serves children and families impacted by HIV/AIDS throughout Ohio, including many from Cleveland, was awarded $2,000 for Sleeping Under the Stars, which will provide campers with equipment such as tents so that they can experience sleeping outdoors in nature (many for the first time).

Centering Pregnancy: Empowering Mothers at High Social Risk was awarded $1,725 to provide pre-natal care and training for women at high-social risk living in the city of Cleveland. Funding will be used to provide additional educational materials for participants.

City Wheels was awarded $1,000 for grant-writing assistance to support this innovative Northeast Ohio car sharing service designed to provide a creative cooperative transportation alternative to car ownership.

CityWheels was a family-owned business offering Ohio's first car-sharing service.

Project Snapshot: The Cleveland Print Room was awarded $2,350 to support working with neighborhood high school students to teach the value of stories and the photographic image as links between the past and present.