Cleveland Colectivo Gives Away Over $12,500 in Ninth Year Funding: Six Grants Awarded for Innovative Projects

The Cleveland Colectivo, a Cleveland-based “giving circle” whose members make collective contributions to innovative projects in Cleveland, has selected six projects for funding in 2014. Members of the Cleveland Colectivo utilized a dynamic, fast pitch idea presentation night to select finalists, resulting in a strong group of finalists for funding. In total, the Colectivo gave away over $12,500 in 2014.

"The Cleveland Colectivo is the Stone Soup of philanthropy,” said member J.P. Ptacek. “It’s a do-it-yourself, local grassroots effort where the members pool their own resources to help change their community. I am so glad to be a part of it!"

The Cleveland Colectivo provided grants to six different projects in 2014:

  • Euclid Avenue Parklet and Bike Corral: Historic Gateway Neighborhood Corporation was awarded $3,500 to support the creation of a parklet and bike corral on 1-2 street parking spaces on Euclid Avenue in front of several businesses that have heavy bike use. This project was initiated by a request from a business owner to have more bike parking.
  • Fresh Camp’s Mentorship/Intership Program for Student Gardener/Music Producers was awarded $3,000 to purchase equipment to complete their portable recording lab for student interns and as seed money to pay interns a stipend to help teach classes, record other students and run new community gardens. These students will be in charge of two new gardens and will see the growing and selling of food from start to finish as well as learn how to train other students. They will also record alongside the professionals to help record other students and learn how to compelte their own music from start to finish.
  • Mi Casita Green Space and Learning Garden: Mi Casita Pre-school and Early Learning Center was awarded $400 to purchase topsoil in order to reclaim an asphalt lot as and create a green space for students to enjoy enhanced learning from nature.
  • Praxis Fiber Workshop Community Class was awarded $2,552 to buy supplies and promotional materials as well as pay instructors for four community classes at Praxis Fiber Workshop. These classes will be offered to the current residents of the Collinwood neighborhood where Praxis is located. The sampling of processes will include weaving, shibori (an eastern tie dyeing technique), felting and dye printing on fabric.
  • Sounds of the Soul Acoustic Ensemble, a free music and arts education program in Collinwood and the surrounding urban area, was awarded $1,400 to purchase music supplies and to support instructor stipend and transportation, marketing, and program expenses.
  • Sponsorships for Gay Games Athletes from El Salvador and Colombia:  InterReligious Task Force on Central America, was awarded $1,800 to help bring three Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender advocate-athletes from El Salvador and Colombia to the Gay Games in Cleveland to raise awareness of LGBT issues here and in their home countries.

The Cleveland Colectivo was formed in January of 2005. Unlike traditional foundations, the group has created a giving circle model with no formal executive director, board of trustees and very limited overhead. Decisions are made by consensus and membership is open. Voting members contribute at least $100 per quarter.  International Partners in Mission serves as fiscal agent to the group, allowing us to remain a volunteer organization with low overhead.  The Cleveland Colectivo is grateful to Shaker LaunchHouse for hosting our Pitch for Change event.