Youth Grantees

A trained doula, or birth-worker, Christin Farmer has launched ‘Birthing Beautiful Communities’ to help address the crisis of infant mortality in African American communities.  An African American woman is seven times more likely to have a preterm baby (preterm babies account for over 60% of infant deaths). Much of this is tied to stress, and from the lack of support and poverty. The March of Dimes has graded Cleveland an “F” for preterm births.

Camp Sunrise, a camp in Southern Ohio that serves children and families impacted by HIV/AIDS throughout Ohio, including many from Cleveland, was awarded $2,000 for Sleeping Under the Stars, which will provide campers with equipment such as tents so that they can experience sleeping outdoors in nature (many for the first time).

In response to the shooting of Tamir Rice, residents have joined to form the ‘Cudell Cooking Club.' The group is meeting twice a month to plan, cook, create and share a community meal – attracting between 8-11 kids per night, their parents and guardians, neighbors and friends. This effort provides adult interaction, cooking skills and healthy eating habits along with building community. An existing kitchen is being utilized, but funds will help purchase needed cooking equipment and small appliances, and offset costs for food purchases.

Table, Set…Go!, a program of the Famicos Foundation, was awarded  $4,668.60, for the implementation of their nutrition and sustainability education program engaging Glenville neighborhood youth.

Fresh Camp’s Mentorship/Intership Program for Student Gardener/Music Producers was awarded $3,000 to purchase equipment to complete their portable recording lab for student interns and as seed money to pay interns a stipend to help teach classes, record other students and run new community gardens. These students will be in charge of two new gardens and will see the growing and selling of food from start to finish as well as learn how to train other students.

To celebrate our first 10 years of collective giving, the Cleveland Colectivo awarded one $10,000 grant to a prior grant recipient. Colectivo members selected Fresh Camp to receive the 2015 anniversary award. With the grant, Fresh Camp was able to continue growing its innovative programs and to expand from Glenville into more neighborhoods.

Fred Ward, a neighborhood activist in the E. 105 and Superior neighborhood of Glenville, is active in his neighborhood and working to address issues that lead to incarceration, including safety, food access, police concerns, etc. He operates a local storefront called the Khnemu Center where he offers hot meals, classes, and conducts voter registration and education programs. He is a passionate person with respect and connections in the community that are allowing him to make a difference.

Landscape Apprentice Project, a job training program providing skills in landscape architecture to urban youth , was awarded $4,500 to fund program supplies and a small stipend for 10 teenage participants, ages 13-17 in Cleveland’s Hough neighborhood.

Literary Lots: A collaborative effort to extend the idea of reuse and re-imagination of vacant and underutilized lots into active spaces for kids where books come to life was awarded $1,500 to support their summer programming in Ohio City.

Mi Casita Pre-school and Early Learning Center was awarded $400 to purchase topsoil in order to reclaim an asphalt lot as and create a green space for students to enjoy enhanced learning from nature.