Community Development Grantees

Padres Unidos, an independent parent advocacy group, was awarded $2,500 for their programming to increase parental involvement in the educational system and reduce dropouts in the Cleveland Municipal School District. This program is a project of the Hispanic Roundtable.

Nicole McGee’s Plenty Underfoot was awarded $1500 to help move her home-grown business out of her living room and into a nearby studio space. After a number of years of making jewelry, art, and other projects from reused materials at home, moving into a new space is an important next step that will improve efficiency and organization, and allow for more social interaction and participation in creative reuse, including building a new revenue stream through workshops and small events.

Cleveland’s first and finest pedicab service providing transportation in and around downtown Cleveland, was awarded $950 for improvements in lighting and signage for the fleet of pedicabs. 

Saving Cities, the local creators of Red, White and Blueprints: A Rustbelt Documentary, were awarded $2,000 to support the final editing of the forthcoming film which highlights several of the most innovative initiatives, individuals, and emerging ideas in the Rust Belt, and makes the case for why we still matter as a region.

Summer in the City, a grassroots public art collaborative, was awarded $500 to help purchase art supplies for a summer beautification project. Program leaders will paint city property such as garbage can lids and benches in the Ohio City and Detroit Shoreway neighborhoods.

The Cleveland Hostel, a unique new hostel in Cleveland’s vibrant Market District in Ohio City set to open in September of 2012, was awarded $2,500 for enhancements to the hostel’s kitchen.

The Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center, a non-profit that focuses on fostering stronger relationships among youth and families of color, was awarded $5,000 for the African American and Latino Male Youth Dialogue program. The funds will be used for four quarterly dialogue sessions, estimated to impact 200 youth and fathers. The goal of the sessions is to create stronger intergenerational relationships, and to help youth change the projected outcomes of their lives.

Trish Supples was awarded $3,000 for developing her vision of a “Healthy Ice Cream Truck” which will supply free, fresh produce in Cleveland’s urban neighborhoods. The model, which will be implemented in partnership with local community organization is intended to address issues of access to healthy food, childhood obesity and community engagement.

Union Community Garden was awarded $2,500 for the construction of a greenhouse to extend the growing season for their neighborhood garden. UCG is a premier urban garden located at the corner of E. 74th and Union Avenue in Broadway Slavic Village.